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Cake Smash Launch!

So after avoiding Cake Smash sessions for so long mainly due to the mess, I have finally given in (Eek!) because I get asked about them and they look so fun!! My first ever Cake Smash baby came on Monday (see images below) and I think its safe to say although a little hesitant at first due to her teething, by...

My Studio

I haven’t blogged about my studio since it was first built so here is a little update for you and a few pictures to give you a little snapshot of it; its always nice to see where you are going to before your session. My studio is snug and comfortable with everything we need for your session. As...

Nursery Sessions

I have not blogged about my nursery sessions before, but they are a real favourite of mine. Having had my children at nursery I know how nice it is to have some photos of their time there because for some children it is a big part of their life before they start school. I can offer my sessions whenever a...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all managed to have a lovely Christmas and New Year in spite of all the bugs going round. After a very busy Autumn I was lucky to be able to have a relaxing and peaceful Christmas (with just a mild cold). Now all the festivities are over I can share a...

Something A Little Different ~ Dance 2017

So its that’s time again, if you have read my previous blogs you will know what this one is about! My daughter has been dancing for about 6 years now, since she was 4 years old. Every 18 months or so she does a dance school show which usually involves two performances of three dances in three different outfits....






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