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Something A Little Different! ~ Jo & Tim’s Wedding Celebration

A change from newborn babies and family photography today! I was looking back at some old photos recently and came across some that I have never shared before and thought it was about time I did; now I have my much improved blog. So look out for my Something A Little Different! blogs as there may well be a few.

I am going back to 2013 and my old camera (which has since been upgraded!) for this blog when I was asked by my good friends Jo and Tim to do some wedding photos. Weddings are something I choose not to do although I have attended wedding courses in the past, I am not claiming to be a wedding photographer; we have plenty of those here in Norfolk who are fabulous. I accepted as I have known Jo since we were 11 and it was a real honor to be able to be part of their celebration.

They actually got married in New Zealand where Tim is from, but asked if I could do some for their UK celebration which was held at The Dairy Barns in Hickling, Norfolk. The venue is beautiful, it is set in the middle of fields by the coast so is very peaceful. It has extra-special rooms which are just stunning and I was lucky enough to stay in The Barns Owls Retreat on this occasion. The detail that has gone into each of the extra special rooms is amazing, a photographers dream!

The first thing I did when I got there was get my camera out, being early December it was going to go dark pretty early so I wanted to make the most of the natural light while I could. Looking around I wanted to capture all the details and personal touches that Jo and Tim had gone into making the venue their own.

I have lots of favourite’s but I particularly like Tim helping Jo with her shoes – what a gentleman. It was a lovely celebration of their marriage and an honor to be part of, I hope you enjoy a selection the photos. Just click on the slideshow to start.

I can also highly recommend a stay at The Dairy Barns in Hickling, you can find their website here.






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