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Something a Little Different! ~ Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE

I haven’t done a “something a little different” blog for a while so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the photoshoot.

I was asked by the Riverside Leisure Centre in Norwich if I would like to do a photoshoot for them with Jessica -Jane Applegate MBE, who has kindly agreed to help promote their new Places Locker fitness app as well as their other facilities.

At first I had to think about it because I had not done anything like it before, let alone with one of Great Britain’s International Multi Medallist Paralympians! Not being one to shy away from a creative challenge I accepted, I felt both nervous and excited at the same time.

I had met Jessica-Jane briefly before with my daughters when she attended a swimming event they were at; but had not spoken to her properly so it was a new meeting for both of us. We had watched her compete in Rio 2016, sat on our sofa with our girls so they were also very excited to see her. She is such a talented young lady competing for our country at only 20 years old. Having now heard the amount of training she does, the time she has to get up to train (3.30/4am!!) and that she has a gruelling nutrition regime; I have even more respect for her!

Having been given a brief of what Riverside were after, we began the session in the gym before moving to the indoor cycling studio, followed by some medal shots by reception (and with my girls outside!) and would you believe I forgot to get someone to take one of me with her, typical photographer always behind the camera!!

We finished off on poolside where the aim was to promote the brilliant swimming lessons that Riverside Leisure Centre offer, both my girls have learnt in the pools there and are fantastic swimmers.

The session seemed to run quite smoothly without too much pondering from myself on which camera settings would be most appropriate. It would have been so easy for me to take the photos with my camera running on Auto but like I said, I like a challenge so manual it was, I even managed to catch her superfast diving!! Jessica- Jane was so lovely and patient, a trait which must help when you have a lot of photoshoots to do.

After we finished she kindly contributed to my youngest daughter’s homework project which was coincidently about finding out facts about a famous British athlete. For once we didn’t have to get Googling! We had prepared questions for her which she happily answered (even though she was hungry as we had been going for 3 hours and it was definitely time for lunch). I have one happy little girl with very cool homework! She also answered a couple for me, one of which being what is a really good waterproof mascara for my summer holiday. Well I thought if anyone would know Jessica- Jane would! So what a great few hours we had, the only shame being we didn’t bring our girls swimming stuff they could have joined her in the pool for a race. Oh and me not managing to get a photo with Jessica- Jane. That’s twice now!

I really did enjoy this photoshoot and our time with her and look forward to watching her compete in the future. Thankfully Jessica-Jane loved the photos so I am proud of myself for pushing my boundaries and trying something a little different!

I have some thank you’s at this point, before I share a few of the images below.

Firstly to Riverside Leisure Centre for the opportunity to do the photo shoot. Look out for the new fitness app Jessica Jane will be promoting. Also if you haven’t tried swimming lessons down there before I can highly recommend them. The teaching pool is perfect for little ones.

I also want to thank Jessica Jane’s mum Dawn for her time and keeping my girlies entertained while they weren’t busy watching.

But mostly, thank you Jessica -Jane for your time, patience and kindness to my girls. I’m so glad that you like the photos and wish you all the best for your future competing for our Country. You have and continue to make Norfolk proud!

If you would like to find out more about Jessica Jane, her website link is here:


I’m also going to add her fundraising link here, I really do hope we get to see Jessica Jane in Tokyo 2020:


Here are just a few of the images I have chosen to share:


















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