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Something A Little Different ~ Dance 2017

So its that’s time again, if you have read my previous blogs you will know what this one is about! My daughter has been dancing for about 6 years now, since she was 4 years old. Every 18 months or so she does a dance school show which usually involves two performances of three dances in three different outfits. Show day brings a lot of excitement and I always love seeing her and her friends all excited with their hair and stage make up done; then dancing their little hearts out on stage. We are so proud to see her dancing in the show as they work really hard and its always really amazing to see her on stage. Here is a picture I found which just melts my heart now of her getting ready before her first show in 2013!

Being a photographer, something else I get excited about of course is capturing photos of her in her costumes, memories that in years to come we can look back at together and reminisce and giggle over. I don’t know how long she will dance for or when her last show will be, she may follow a dream and carry on for years to come or she may want to give it up in the next couple of years. The decision will be hers and whether she remembers a lot of it or not, she has these photos to look back on and be really proud of herself too. This year she has asked me to get the photos printed and framed so she can have them on her bedroom wall so she must really like these ones! 🙂

I always tell her how proud I am, I can never say this enough. I am in awe of her confidence, her happiness, her dreams. She is a little star. My other daughter has just started gymnastics and is a super speedy little runner and a great swimmer, she also makes me so proud just being herself everyday.

I’ve learnt a lot since following a dream of mine, running my photography business. It is tough out there, but there will always those who will support you, recommend you, value your work, your time, your dream. I’ve learnt to move onwards and upwards from the few that don’t and I sure hope I teach my girls to do the same in their lives. I will always make sure they are following their dreams, whatever they may be.

Spread your wings and fly, my little butterflies..








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