capturing those tiny features…

Those precious early days are over far too quickly, before you know it those tiny newborn features have developed and grown and will never be that tiny again! Why not capture them and treasure them forever, it will be the best investment you ever made I can promise you that!



I am able to accommodate newborn photo sessions at my home studio. The majority of new mothers I meet like to make it out of the house at least once in the early days and what better trip to make than to get your newborn photos done! My studio is warm and comfortable and will accommodate you and your babys needs. I also have everything I need to hand.


Bookings should be made during pregnancy so we can pencil a date in, your session fee will hold this date for you. I will then wait for contact from you to confirm the safe arrival of your baby and we will confirm the date.
Ideally the session should take place within the first 3-14 days of birth, although this is not essential it is the perfect time when baby is at its tiniest and sleepiest. If baby has gone past the newborn stage and is very awake we will focus on awake and sibling images.

What happens at the session?

Before the session I will prepare you for what you need to do with baby beforehand. I have trained with one of the UKs leading newborn photographers learning how to soothe and settle baby to sleep for long enough to get some adorable poses. Of course this does not always go to plan which is why I give plenty of time (2-4 hours) and patience to these sessions so they remain peaceful and relaxed for you; and allow for changing and feeding baby.

What do you need?

I suggest that you bring everything you would need for half a day out with your newborn. I will make sure my studio is stocked with a few items you might need just incase, all I ask is that you bring plenty of your babies nappies and milk! If you have any particular blankets or hats you would like me to use (although I have plenty to choose from) you could bring those along too and I will see if I can incorporate them.

What happens after?

The images will be presented to you as soon as possible after your session (usually up to 2 weeks) via a private online gallery or you can book a viewing appointment to discuss options for wall art and products. You will have the chance to order any you like online or at your appointment.

How do you book?

Contact me via the Contact menu and we can book your session in.

Call me on 07771 632161 or email: