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My Studio

I haven’t blogged about my studio since it was first built so here is a little update for you and a few pictures to give you a little snapshot of it; its always nice to see where you are going to before your session. My studio is snug and comfortable with everything we need for your session. As space is tight I usually ask that only immediate family attend especially for newborn sessions as these are long. If there are siblings in attendance I will try to get the sibling images done first and I suggest bringing them something to do after. There is also a lovely little green outside my house which is good for a little walk/play if you have your partner with you who can take them.

I am lucky that some days I am able to use natural light for newborn sessions which I do like to be able to do. However some days this just isn’t possible so I will use a studio light.

I have all the blankets, wraps, headbands, outfits and props we might need for maternity, newborn and baby studio sessions. I have my own style, I like neutral tones and natural photos that wont date with time, but before your session begins we will discuss what you like and don’t like and colours and use of props. I like to offer a bespoke service to you because after all you are the ones buying the images of your children and I want you to love seeing them on your walls forever not just till your next session. If you want to bring your own outfits for baby/child sitting sessions that is fine, I recommend plain colours that match with any siblings and no logos.

I also have some simple little wooden toys to keep little ones entertained during their sitting session, sometimes the set up can be a little daunting so adding in a little toy to keep them distracted helps! Most of mine were from www.alongcameollie.co.uk which I love ♥

Around my studio you will see some samples of the products I sell after the session so do ask while you are there if there is anything you want to see.

If you want to book in your session, please contact me here:

Call me: 07771 632161
Email me: info@kimwrightphotography.co.uk







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