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Lifestyle – Medittaranean Photoshoot

Did you know that as well as newborn photography I also do lifestyle photography? It is one of my favourite photo sessions to do. Getting out and about on location finding beautiful surroundings, the best backgrounds, then capturing the images that years later bring you right back to that day every time you look at them.

For my summer holiday last year I was lucky enough to spend some time in the South of France. One of my favourite places near to where we stay is the town of Antibes. It has everything I love about Mediterranean towns…cobbled streets, beautiful stone walls, buildings in lovely shades of yellow and orange, flowers, plants, pretty gates, wooden doors…the list goes on! Having taken one of my cameras I could not resist an early morning lifestyle photo shoot. Unfortunately I managed to pick market day so it was not as quiet as usual, but we still managed to find some quiet streets where people were still sleeping with their shutters closed and unaware we were admiring their pretty gates and sitting on their doorsteps!

Medittaranean Lifestyle

When I look at these photos I can feel the heat of that early August morning setting in, I can hear the sea waves crashing behind us in the harbour, but I can also hear the hustle and bustle of the market traders setting up their stalls. I remember the lovely chocolate ice-creams my girls were treated to after the shoot! Its amazing that photos can bring back feelings and emotions from that day, months even years later. Lifestyle photography is a great way to get out and enjoy your photo session in a favourite place with your favourite people, book your session with me and make your photo session a memory you will enjoy remembering every time you see the photos on your walls.

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