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Its that time of year again seems like only yesterday! The bluebells are out and I feel the urge to take my children to see them somewhere pretty and take my camera. There are lots of woods and national trust sites in Norfolk to see the bluebells and I intend on seeking some out once the winter showers stop! But for now I’m going to focus on last years bluebell session. I was in West Sussex for the weekend, so decided to take them to Nymans National Trust and we explored the woods there. A fantastic wood to explore, lots of things to see along the walks. After failing to remember my camera battery the first day (good job that was my own photoshoot!) we had a second visit and I managed to get the photos I wanted and love; which now live on my lounge wall.

I’m always up for a bluebell photo session so if you are interested, have a look at my lifestyle sessions for more information and get your date booked in fast before they disappear for another year!

Please comment below where your favourite place to see them is!

Kim x






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