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Bluebells 2018

Following on from my Spring Storybook blog I have another flower one to share with you!
This time the lovely Bluebells, I love them, that unmistakable blanket of blue running through the woodlands is a sight that just urges me to get my camera out!
I spent much of my childhood playing and exploring in the forests around our house in Briantspuddle, Dorset so woodland sessions tend to bring out that childhood magical feeling in me!
I didn’t get round to organising any bluebell mini sessions this year but maybe I will next year.
It can be a challenge finding somewhere suitable to ensure our lovely threatened bluebells don’t get trampled on but luckily I know a few places where the woodland path meanders through and the odd log has fallen across the path, not sure if that’s from the storms or someone moving them but either way no bluebells are damaged or picked in my sessions.
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