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Christmas Mini Sessions 2019

My Christmas Mini Sessions are back!!

The sessions are 30 minutes long and are best suited for sitters, toddlers and small children.

Location: Drayton, Norwich

Cost includes session, my editing time and high resolution digital downloads from your online private gallery:

£65 ~ includes 5 x digital downloads

£85 ~ includes 10 x digital downloads

There will also be the chance to buy giftware for Christmas in the online gallery shop after.

To book a 30 minute session see details below


Friday 8th November 10-2pm

Saturday 9th November 10-2pm

Friday 22nd November 10-2pm

Saturday 23rd November **SOLD OUT**

How do I book?

Contact me to book a 30 minute session on your chosen date:

Email: info@kimwrightphotography.co.uk Tel: 07771632161


Then fill out a booking form and pay here: BOOK NOW

I am on a Beach Mission!

We are soooo lucky in Norfolk, we are literally surrounded by the most amazing beaches! I have my favourites and usually it depends on the occasion as to which beach I go to like most of you I’m sure. It might be a quick visit for a walk, a sunset and chips on the beach dinner, hot chocolate and doughnuts, visit to the rock pools, dog walking if you have a dog, I even know where the best loo’s and free parking are for those long sunny days in the summer!

So I counted 37 beaches in Norfolk, of which I have only been to 17, that means there are 20 beaches out there I have never been to!! I have been thinking about this for a while now and its clearly bothering me that there are undiscovered beaches gems I know nothing of, so I have decided its time to visit all our beaches. So, this year that is my mission to get round all the 37 beaches with my camera so I can say I have done them all.

Not only that but I’m going to be adding them to this blog so if you haven’t visited all those beaches you can see what I think of them here and if its worth a visit! I will still be visiting the ones I have been to before because some were years ago and things can change dramatically on our beaches.

So watch this space I will be adding as I visit….


To Print or not to Print

Our digital world is such a luxury, gone are the days we used to take pictures on camera film, take them in to the developers and have to wait to get them back, get really excited about the photos we were about to see of our friends and family, then disappointed by the ones that didn’t come out because  fingers were in the way or they were full of sun flare! I’m sure it wasn’t just me!! Now we don’t have to worry about any of that, we can just check and retake as many as we want.

I used to put all my photos in albums and write a little note under each, usually some funny comment about who, where and what. When I got my first digital camera all of that stopped and the photo hoarding began!

Now, like most of you I’m sure, I have thousands of photos taken on my camera and my phone, the majority of them are now stored on various hard drives, some waiting to be printed or turned into wall art. Just thinking about it starts to make me panic and think what would happen if those hard drives failed, but its just finding the time amidst work and family life to get them sorted and printed.

Last weekend I was reminded again just how important the job of printing and naming is. I was given some very old family photos that are in really good condition, it was a real joy to see my grandparents in their younger years and some faces I’d heard of when I looked into my family tree a while ago, but never seen. I find it really fascinating to look back in time. The only problem was there were faces and occasions in the photos that couldn’t be identified. So although I have photos I don’t know some of the faces or the story behind some of them.

My mission therefore is to make sure my photos are not left to rot on hard drives. It is undoubtedly a mahoosive task as I have 11 years worth of photos of my children to sort through! But if I leave it another 10 years I just cant imagine!!

Yes our digital world is a luxury, but it has a downfall. There is a massive danger that our photos will just sit on hard drives and never be seen by our families future generations, or worse, the hard drives fail; leaving those interested to see their older relations with nothing. The only way to preserve your family photo memories is to print them.

Like me I’m sure you have hundreds of everyday snaps you take of your family on your mobile phone, these are easy to get printed online. However, most families choose a professional photographer to capture those important milestones such as birthdays, new arrivals or your regular family portrait session, be it indoors or out. The portraits of your family that I produce in my studio in Norwich or out and about in Norfolk are designed to be displayed in your home which is why I sell print packages and wall art. I always recommend buying the prints and products from me as there is nothing worse than investing in beautiful images only to get them printed poorly. I use professional printing labs that guarantee quality.

So please buy your prints and get them named in albums if not on your walls. If you do go for digital packages don’t let them sit on your hard drives!

If you are thinking about having some new family photos done, you can find information on my sessions here.


Bluebells 2018

Following on from my Spring Storybook blog I have another flower one to share with you!
This time the lovely Bluebells, I love them, that unmistakable blanket of blue running through the woodlands is a sight that just urges me to get my camera out!
I spent much of my childhood playing and exploring in the forests around our house in Briantspuddle, Dorset so woodland sessions tend to bring out that childhood magical feeling in me!
I didn’t get round to organising any bluebell mini sessions this year but maybe I will next year.
It can be a challenge finding somewhere suitable to ensure our lovely threatened bluebells don’t get trampled on but luckily I know a few places where the woodland path meanders through and the odd log has fallen across the path, not sure if that’s from the storms or someone moving them but either way no bluebells are damaged or picked in my sessions.
Don’t forget I offer outdoor/lifestyle sessions which are particularly popular in the Spring and Summer months, you can read about them and book your session here.

Storybook Spring Sessions

Hope you all had a lovely half term break, the weather could have been better we didn’t see much of the sun did we. I didn’t do too much over the week, I always find if I plan too much its goes way too fast and then I feel like I haven’t spent time quality time with my girls. We also have two young kittens who need feeding regularly so I made sure we had lots of time at home with them. They are settling in really well (photos to follow I’m sure!)
Back to work for me this week, having finished editing photos from the lovely nursery photo session I had before the holiday I turned to the Storybook Spring sessions I did with my girls a few weeks ago! I don’t know how long they are going to let me take photos like this of them so I have to make the most of it.
One of the sessions I did was very close to home at the beautiful Drayton Old Lodge. They have the most amazing display of flowers starting from Snowdrops in February followed by Daffodils and then Bluebells. The daffodils were out when I took these and there was a lovely display of yellow and white flowers in front of the ruins.
The photos remind me of my childhood summers, Id pack a little suitcase with toys and books and set up in the garden under the trees. Summers seemed so much longer and warmer back then, I probably just remember the sunny days more!
My Storybook sessions tend to focus either on a theme or something the children like to do, props can be used and I love to include pets! For further info of these sessions click here
♥ Here are my favourites from the session ♥







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