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BANPAS ~ Baby & Newborn Photography Association

I am a member of BANPAS (Baby & Newborn Photography Association)

As a newborn and baby photographer, I take the safety of my little clients very seriously. It might surprise you to know that the newborn photography industry is completely unregulated. Photographers like me, who take safety seriously, have to take it upon ourselves to be trained and educated on how to ensure the beautiful images we create are done safely.

I began my training with Barrett & Coe back in 2011, since then, I have personally trained with some of the best newborn photographers including Melanie East , Sujata Setia who I did an amazing lifestyle session with and also online sessions with Kelly Brown . I continue to invest in training and development and am about to train with Suzy Mitchell.

Being a newborn and baby photographer requires a unique set of skills and there is a worldwide organisation that exists to support photographers like me, who want to have access to safety training and resources that we can use to provide clients like you with a better service. I’m delighted to be a member of BANPAS (Baby & Newborn Photography Association) and you will be able to find me on their directory here. They also have a Facebook page for pregnant and new parents here.

I am also a member of the SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) and you can find my listing here.






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