Baby/Child Studio Session

they don’t stay little for long…

isn’t it just amazing how fast babies grow in the first year! these sessions are perfect if you missed the newborn phase and want to capture your little one as they start to move around more and show more of their personality.








At my home studio. My studio is warm and comfortable and will accommodate you and your baby’s needs. I have a variety of different set ups I can use and will discuss colours/outfits with you beforehand.


These sessions are for babies past the newborn phase, so they could be lying on their front, sitting up or walking. You can book a studio session for older children too.

What happens at the session?

Once your baby is settled in I will start taking photos quite quickly while they are interested and attentive. I usually find 30/40 min’s for the session is enough as babies and children get bored quicker with an indoor session. I have some props which will keep them occupied!

What do you need?

Just yourself and your baby/children. There is not much space in the studio so I do recommend just the parent/parents and baby/children attend. Please make sure baby/children are fed before arriving so they do not get hungry during the session as they will loose interest very quickly if hungry. I have a selection of outfits for these sessions which I recommend but feel free to bring your own outfit, I recommend plain neutral colours with no logos.

What happens after?

The images will be presented to you as soon as possible after your session (usually up to 2 weeks) via a private online gallery. You will have the chance to order any you like online or at your appointment.

How do you book?

Click on Contact via the menu and we can book your session in.

Call me on 07771 632161 or email: