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Something A Little Different! ~ Dance

In another change from newborn photography, my second ‘Something A Little Different!’ blog for you on this lovely sunny May day!

My daughter has been dancing for about 5 years now, since she was 4 years old she has been learning ballet, tap and more recently theatre craft. She has been through many exams which she does really well in, we are very proud of her for that; but every 18 months or so she does a dance school show and that is when I really burst with pride.

I was not very keen on performing on a stage when I was young. I don’t know if its because she has been doing it since she was so little, or whether she is just braver than me and loves dancing with her friends; but either way it makes me very proud that she has the confidence to do it.

Of course part of the fun of show time, other than the show itself, seeing her and her friends all excited and feeling grown up having their hair and stage make up done, for me it is capturing her in her costumes, photos that in years to come we can look back at together and reminisce over. Whether she remembers a lot of it or not she has these photos to look back on and can be really proud of herself too.

I am happy to do dance photos anytime, just contact me with your requirements.

So here are my show photos 2016!

I always tell her how proud I am, I can never say this enough. She is a little star…

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