Nursery sessions are a real favourite of mine. Having had my children at nursery I know how nice it is to have some photos of their time there because for some children it is a big part of their life before they start school. I can offer my sessions whenever a nursery requires them, October time is popular as parents love to gift images of their children to family for Christmas. I also offer Spring sessions, Summer is usually ‘graduation’ time so another nice opportunity to get some photos that will remind parents and children of their pre-school life!

Its so lovely to meet each child when they are brought in, each with their individual personalities, you just never know who is coming in next or what they will bring to the session. Some need a bit more help and time then others as lets face it being brought into a room to have your photo done can be daunting for anyone, but they soon warm up and I (with help from the lovely staff) manage to get a smile out of the not so keen ones!

I offer competitively priced prints and packages for these sessions, all images are printed at a professional photography lab so the quality is high and they are delivered to parents in strut mounts and clear sleeve’s ready to gift to loved ones. The feedback I receive for these sessions is very positive.

If you run or work at a nursery, or if you are a parent and would like to recommend my sessions to your nursery, please  contact me  so I can email you more details and get you booked in.