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Storybook Spring Sessions

Hope you all had a lovely half term break, the weather could have been better we didn’t see much of the sun did we. I didn’t do too much over the week, I always find if I plan too much its goes way too fast and then I feel like I haven’t spent time quality time with my girls. We also have two young kittens who need feeding regularly so I made sure we had lots of time at home with them. They are settling in really well (photos to follow I’m sure!)
Back to work for me this week, having finished editing photos from the lovely nursery photo session I had before the holiday I turned to the Storybook Spring sessions I did with my girls a few weeks ago! I don’t know how long they are going to let me take photos like this of them so I have to make the most of it.
One of the sessions I did was very close to home at the beautiful Drayton Old Lodge. They have the most amazing display of flowers starting from Snowdrops in February followed by Daffodils and then Bluebells. The daffodils were out when I took these and there was a lovely display of yellow and white flowers in front of the ruins.
The photos remind me of my childhood summers, Id pack a little suitcase with toys and books and set up in the garden under the trees. Summers seemed so much longer and warmer back then, I probably just remember the sunny days more!
My Storybook sessions tend to focus either on a theme or something the children like to do, props can be used and I love to include pets! For further info of these sessions click here
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