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I am on a Beach Mission!

We are soooo lucky in Norfolk, we are literally surrounded by the most amazing beaches! I have my favourites and usually it depends on the occasion as to which beach I go to like most of you I’m sure. It might be a quick visit for a walk, a sunset and chips on the beach dinner, hot chocolate and doughnuts, visit to the rock pools, dog walking if you have a dog, I even know where the best loo’s and free parking are for those long sunny days in the summer!

So I counted 37 beaches in Norfolk, of which I have only been to 17, that means there are 20 beaches out there I have never been to!! I have been thinking about this for a while now and its clearly bothering me that there are undiscovered beaches gems I know nothing of, so I have decided its time to visit all our beaches. So, this year that is my mission to get round all the 37 beaches with my camera so I can say I have done them all.

Not only that but I’m going to be adding them to this blog so if you haven’t visited all those beaches you can see what I think of them here and if its worth a visit! I will still be visiting the ones I have been to before because some were years ago and things can change dramatically on our beaches.

So watch this space I will be adding as I visit….







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