About Me

So what can I tell you about me and how I became a newborn baby and family photographer?

I started out on my professional photography journey by training with Barrett & Coe where I learnt the art of studio and natural light portraits. After training I set up Kim Wright Photography offering portraits and lifestyle sessions. Discovering that I loved taking pictures of babies and children I trained with Melanie East one of the UKs leading newborn photographers. I continue to invest in training to this day, I’ve trained online with Kelly Brown and last year with award winning lifestyle photographer Sujata Setia. My most recent training was with Suzi Mitchell from Little White Photography and I cant wait to share what I learnt with her.

I love to create beautiful images of you and your family.

Why? because they capture a moment in time, a time that instantly becomes a memory. Unless we capture that moment the memory may fade overtime because we have so many other memories that things become a little cloudy and we forget the small details. In years to come photos will bring back those precious memories. They remind us what we used to look like, what we wore, where we lived, places we went, who we went with, what we did when we got to those places. They hold key information for our families and future generations as to what our lives were like. They bring joy to your homes when you see them on your walls. They bring joy to loved ones who don’t see you everyday.

Am I the right photographer for you? There are many photographers out there to choose from, my advice to you is to research your options. An image or referral is probably the first thing that will draw your attention to a photographer, so visit their website and look at the galleries. If what you see appeals to you contact them with your requirements and ask for prices, this is important as you will want to check you have the right budget in mind. My style is natural, using minimal props and I like to capture babies in a natural way but my bespoke service to you means that you have a say in what style, props and colours you like, after all you are the ones buying the images of you and your children and I want you to love them forever not just till your next session. My sessions are super relaxed, sometimes it takes time to settle children into a session and I’m not worried if they don’t want to look at me and smile, the most natural images are the ones where the child isn’t looking at me but at mum who is jumping up and down behind me or we are singing a favourite song and baby joins in clapping. Newborns take time to settle into a deep comfortable sleep so those lovely sleepy poses can be captured, that’s why my newborn sessions are longer, they are baby led. If baby wants to feed or is awake and enjoying the session so be it, we go with baby.

Why get them professionally done? Quality & Experience.

There will never be a better quality than getting them taken by a professional and printed at a professional lab. When you see the difference you will know why you have invested time and money to capture those precious times. Having invested in training in newborn and lifestyle photography, as well as Photoshop & Lightroom I can offer my time, knowledge and skill to bring out the best in your images. It’s not just a click of the button.

I love photography and am rarely without my camera when I’m out and about, its the special places, faces and moments that you find, sometimes when you are not even looking. There are so many wonderful places in Norfolk, its a great place to explore and I love to hear about new places, especially if they are great for photos ~ so do share!

Things that make me smile…

♥ My children ~ I love to capture happiness and excitement in their faces but also the deep concentration and the moments when they are completely lost in their own little worlds.

♥ Family

♥ Coffee and cake, decaf and preferably latte, but cake – I’ll eat pretty much any!

♥ Food, in general really – who doesn’t! but I just love to eat out when I get the chance.

♥ Spending time with my friends, nothing beats a lazy afternoon tea somewhere and a gossip ~ mmmm prosecco, scones..and cake!

♥ Holidays, somewhere warm, an island, the coast, log cabin or a nice city break ~ what can be better than getting away with your family with no work, accept for my camera of course!

♥ The Coast, we are blessed in Norfolk with so much of it and some wonderful beaches, you cannot beat the likes of Holkham and Wells. Sea, beach huts, ice-cream or hot chocolate and of course, cake!


So that’s a snapshot of me, what about you? Id love to hear from you if you are you looking for a photography session. Get in touch and lets have a chat…

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Kim x